October 12, 2016

Business Improvement

Secret to a big exit

Do you know what value you have?

Our Virtual CFO and advisory services help you stay on top of your game: the game of winning in business. Our Value Builder program enhances that service by keeping the focus on building business value.

This is where “The Business Planner” differs from your typical tax and compliance-focused accountant or business advisor: We have a structured business improvement and value builder program that can be tailored to your business’s individual footprint.

The focus in this program is to assess the strength of your business. We examine 8 key areas that have proven to be important factors in determining the value of a business. All that through the eyes of a purchaser. So our focus isn’t on what you think the business is worth or where its value lies, we instead focus on what the market sees. We ensure your business holds onto those valuable attributes as a position of strength.

Why is it important to understand what your business value is?

Irrespective of whether you are intending to sell your business or not, it is surely important to understand whether the decisions and actions you are taking are having a positive impact on business value, or not. Your business is probably the most valuable asset you own. Knowing it is appreciating in value because of what you are doing is an endless ongoing consideration, isn’t it?

Our program suits all business owners, not only those looking to sell.

Another important consideration is this: you may not have the intention to sell your business anytime soon. In fact your outlook may suggest that isn’t going to happen for another 10-15 years. What if you’re hit with a bit of bad luck, an injury, sickness or disability/. It may restrict your ability to continue to manage your business, it may prevent you from working altogether. Wouldn’t it be some comfort to know that you have positioned your business to maximise its value through all stages of its life.

Initial Step

Before we can plan and implement a program that builds value in your business, we first have to assess its current position, warts n all. This starts with a simple questionnaire that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. This will give us an initial flavour of the state of your business.

We generate a high level report from this assessment that highlights areas of strength and weakness within your business. It also assesses how all of these areas impact on business value.

Next Steps

We introduce you to a program which systematically assesses your business in its current state. It also provides an opportunity to introduce elements that will strengthen areas of weakness and preserve areas of strength.

The program provides a strategic view of your business, providing an opportunity to formulate actions plans primed to build value. It suits busy business owners who don’t want a big bang approach to change. Instead it is designed for progressive change and a manageable time commitment while still achieving the necessary gains and improvements.

To find out more about our advisory services that can help take your business to the next level. Get in touch for an initial obligation-free discussion or assessment.