October 12, 2016



Leave it to the experts

We don’t act like traditional accountants, instead we far prefer to offer all year round support to make sure you stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re planning to start a new business and need help setting it up, or have an existing business and need help dealing with all that admin, we can help.

We all know the accounting and admin side of the business is important, but it doesn’t have to be all time consuming. We’ll support your business to ensure you keep on top of things, be able to measure how the business is performing, ensure you pay your bills on time and are paid on time.

We’ll support you to:

  • Manage your cash flow, key to any business. Make sure you get paid as quick as possible and ensure you don’t spend it quicker than you earn it.
  • Arrange appropriate funding to help support your business, especially at start-up or when trying to grow.
  • Make decisions on the best business systems and processes to suit and support your business.
  • Decide on the best business structure to operate from.
  • Help you put a business plan together and use it as a means of setting goals and focus.
  • Set up and manage appropriate reporting and analysis of your business’s performance that will then help you make better business decisions.
  • Understand what your break even point is and what your product margins are.
  • Manage your business when experiencing fluctuations in income.

We’re about getting the fundamentals of your business right. Systems to help manage your business, organising your business data so that it means something to you, processes that make your business tick, and reporting that really does analyse what you do, what’s working, and what’s not.

Accountant Auckland

We’ll help you keep the IRD at bay.


We will help you structure your business for long term growth and prosperity. We’ll make sure you invest in processes and resources that efficiently manage the administration. We’ll ensure you stay on top of your tax responsibilities so that the IRD operates as your ally. As an enemy, the IRD can be more than a bit intimidating. You don’t need that stress in your life.

Build a consistent track record with the IRD and you create the ability to leverage off that if you hit tougher times. We’ll make sure you stay in the IRD’s good books. We’ll act as your buffer and safety net. We’ll ensure the IRD know what you’re doing, and you know what they expect.

Call us for an initial no-obligation chat to discuss your needs.