Growing your business

The Downside of Being Upfront with Employees

. One of the core principles of creating a more valuable business is ensuring your business can run without you by getting managers to think like owners.   The theory goes that empowered employees are the best positioned to solve your company’s thorniest issues, as they are the ones closest to the problems. In theory, people feel Read more about The Downside of Being Upfront with Employees[…]

virtual cfo

Case Study of a Virtual CFO

For the past few months I have been working with a wholesale company helping them understand some of the issues impacting their business and coming up with ways of making things better. My role is one of Virtual CFO, a part time resource brought in to help the management team analyse their past performance and Read more about Case Study of a Virtual CFO[…]

Starting a business

Why Now Is the Risky Time for Starting a Business

Most people think of starting a business as risky, but unless you invest a significant amount of start-up cash in your venture, you’re not really risking much other than your time. That changes if you’re lucky enough to get your business off the ground. As your company grows, you start to risk more and more Read more about Why Now Is the Risky Time for Starting a Business[…]

borrowing money

Keeping onside of your Bank Manager

Borrowing Money Borrowing money to help fund the development or growth of your business is pretty much standard practice today as it has been in the past. That relationship (lending) is often with the bank and is key to the success of any business. The relationship itself is based on good consistent lines of communication. Read more about Keeping onside of your Bank Manager[…]

value in your business

3 Ways To Make Your Company More Valuable

Have you ever wondered how to make your company more valuable? Perhaps you’ve heard an industry rule of thumb and assumed that your company will be worth about the same as a similar size company in your industry. However we’ve found there are eight factors that drive the value of your business. They are all Read more about 3 Ways To Make Your Company More Valuable[…]

Secret to a big exit

The Surprising Secret To A Big Exit

We get to see a lot of company founders who are contemplating an exit. Some of our customers get lucky early in life, but in the vast majority of examples where a founder is getting a seven- or eight-figure offer, it is not their first rodeo. In fact, most owners have had multiple failures and Read more about The Surprising Secret To A Big Exit[…]

business valuations

The Science of Business Valuations

Deck:  Business valuations go beyond simple mathematics, but to get some idea of what your business might be worth, consider the three methods below.  Your business is likely your largest asset so it’s normal to want to know what it is worth. The problem is: business valuations are what one might call a “subjective science.” Read more about The Science of Business Valuations[…]

successful exit

One Way To Decide When To Sell

How do you know the right time to sell your company? One answer to this age-old question is that the time to sell is when someone else is willing to invest more in your business than you are. When you start a business, nobody is willing to invest in its success more than you. You’ve already Read more about One Way To Decide When To Sell[…]


Business growth can be a challenge but its still worth pursuing. 

How many business owners complain of not having enough time to plan or strategise. They may want to grow their business, they may still want to make improvements, get bigger, work smarter but they always get dragged back into managing the day to day affairs. It’s tough for small businesses to grow up and develop Read more about Business growth can be a challenge but its still worth pursuing. […]

offer a subscription

3 Surprising Reasons To Offer A Subscription

  You can now offer a subscription for everything from dog treats to razor blades. Music subscription services are booming as our appetite to buy tracks is replaced by our willingness to rent access to them. Some cafe chains now even offers coffee on subscription. Why are so many companies leveraging the subscription business model? The Read more about 3 Surprising Reasons To Offer A Subscription[…]