October 16, 2016

Business Acquisition

We’ll help you make the right Investment Decisions

One of the most important periods in a business owners’ life is when they are thinking about acquiring a business. It’s time consuming even if you have a target in mind. Its expensive even if you do it right. Critical to this process is getting the right support to ensure you see the process through with your eyes wide open.

Lawyers, accountants, bankers and brokers all have a role to play and should be used throughout the process. But quite often most of the work that needs to be done is even before you have identified your target. That’s around strategy and planning. Deciding whether an acquisition is the right choice, reviewing the benefits of this option against other options.

That’s where we, “The Business Planner” team come in. We can help provide detailed analysis and evaluation of your investment proposals. We have the processes and disciplines needed to help make sense of the numbers, your numbers, to see if they stack up. When you eventually find a target, we have the experience to evaluate the benefits and risks. Again, we will analyse and evaluate the numbers, their numbers, to make sure they stack up before recommending your next step. That could be to give you “the all clear”, or “no go”.

Throughout these critical pre-acquisition stages, we’ll work closely with your other key advisors such as your lawyers, bankers and brokers.


So in summary

We can help you with:

  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of investment options you are thinking of exploring
  • What if scenarios on how to model and structure a new investment
  • Due diligence on a potential acquisition
  • Implementing post acquisition integration┬áprograms

Are you thinking about your next big investment, a business acquisition or assets to further enhance your existing business? Get in touch with us, we’ll help you through this important process, even if the final decision is to walk away from one┬ádeal in search of another.