December 5, 2016

Business Plans

business planning

The importance of a Business Plan

Well business plans provide owners and managers with direction and focus. They also provide measures, goals and objectives that can be and should be used as a means of measuring future performance and progress. They also provide owners with an opportunity to examine where their business lies in the market, the state of that market, and what they should do differently, if anything, to have a greater impact on that market. So putting together a business plan provides an opportunity to reflect and to plan to get stronger, bigger and better at what you do.

“Avoid any misconceptions and get it down in writing early.”

For start up businesses, the odds are often stacked against being successful. So to beat them you need to be better organised, better informed and focused and aware of your business surroundings. NZ’s whole economy is based around SME businesses with over 460,000 of them active today contributing around 60% to NZ’s GDP. Yet statistics suggest the smaller the business generally the lower the survival rate. So its important to start off on the right footing.

Understanding your market, your competition, your strengths and weaknesses are important in order to understand what to do next, how to approach those challenges and how to stand out from the crowd.

How we will Help?

Business planning


We are experts at putting together a business plan, no matter what the reason. Our templates and guidelines are available to make business planning timely, effective and of course meaningful. We therefore help challenge the information in your plan and how realistic it is, ensuring it really means something to you.


In what situations would you need a Business Plan

  • business start ups
  • raising funds or capital
  • bringing in new investors
  • looking to sell
  • Immigrants coming into the country wanting to invest in a business
  • Especially relevant to established businesses that want to remain focused and goal oriented
  • For businesses that need to constantly review changes to their industry, and respond to those changes.
  • Established businesses who operate in highly competitive environments and need to constantly challenge the status quo.

What types of business plans are available

  • simple sample
  • detailed business plan with accompanying financial plans
  • prospectus level plan suitable for targeted external audience

What’s typically in a business planbusiness planning

How to use a Business Plan?

The worst thing you could do to a business plan is put it in the cabinet and forget about it. Instead it should become a key tool used in a number of ways, including:

  • as a constant reference point – provides focus and a driver for the future
  • making you rethink how to do things, refocus resources, maybe look at partnerships or alliances, or who it is you really want to target.
  • using it to promote the business, make what you do transparent and easy to understand to key stakeholders (investors, staff, customers, bankers, potential buyers)
  • an opportunity to set targets for all areas of your business – sales, expenses, people and financial goals.
  • showing what you have done, what you are changing and why, and how that will impact the business going forward.
  • using it as a means of promoting your business to sell

So you can see that used properly with support from budget and forecasting tools, a business plan becomes a key management tool for successful businesses.

If you want a sample Business Plan, or want advice on how to put a Plan together Contact us Now. So we’re here to make this process make a difference for your business.

Recent Reference

“I work as a licensed immigration adviser and from time to time require the services of a business planner.  Recently I had a corporate client requiring help with a business plan for an entrepreneur (new start up) visa application.  How do you find a business planner?  Fortunately, I met Robert Erskine.  After a meeting and discussion with Robert, I had a strong sense that this was a man who knows businesses. 

Robert has now completed an extremely comprehensive consulting process and produced an outstanding business plan document for my client’s application.  During the process, I found Robert to be extremely responsive, professional, experienced and knowledgeable about the New Zealand business environment. 

 I would not hesitate to recommend Robert Erskine and will certainly request his assistance again when required.  

Thank you Robert for taking care of my client.” Kelly Coetzee, Immigration Consultant for Immigration Central (Aug 2017).