October 12, 2016

About Us

Supporting you in building real value in your business.

A lot of business owners only see their accountants once a year—at tax time. Instead we apply a different approach as we don’t think that makes sense. The feeling here is that regular contact with clients helps us better understand their business, and allows us to help them deal with challenges and problems quicker and more effectively. We want to build long term relationships and really get involved in their business. We prefer to be proactive as opposed to reactive accountants.

We want to help you grow your business. That’s difficult to do if we don’t understand what it is you do, what your goals and aspirations are, and why you do what you do. As a consequence we’re not afraid of putting in the hard yards to support you in defining and implementing strategies, systems and action plans. Our goal is therefore to help you build real value in your business.

We want to be an integral part of your management team or decision making process, so we’re available to discuss things that matter to you when you need us.

Our accounting experience will help you set your business up for long term prosperity, our business experience and advice will help you at each junction of that journey. Why not call us for a chat.

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Why Choose Us

Knowledge – over 30 years as a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Experience – extensive NZ & overseas experience in the commercial environment working for large multi nationals and large corporations in senior management roles.

Committed – passionate about helping NZ SME businesses grow and prosper.

Solution based – tailored solutions to meet your needs – it’s not about us, it’s about you. That’s why we tailor our solutions around your needs and wants.

Relationship based – we help you make better decisions when we know more about you and your business. Developing long term relationships and partnerships is key to us providing top class support. You’re not a number, you’re important to us.



Robert Erskine  CA, MBA



the business planner

Rob has over 30 years experience in senior finance roles within large corporates. He has an extensive knowledge base spanning a range of accounting and finance related matters, acquired both here in NZ as well as overseas. So add to that strong governance disciplines, extensive experience in analysing business performance and in reviewing investment opportunities. Rob is therefore well placed to share all that knowledge with open minded business owners. Rob also has experience in helping set up new businesses, from planning to inception. He is particularly keen on helping build value in any business venture. Not your typical accountant, Rob prefers the constant contact with clients. That way he learns more about your business and can be in a better position to advise, challenge  and review matters affecting your business.  So why not give him a call.